Lebby Dry Roasted Chickpeas

Dark Chocolate

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What if your (guilt-free) snack obsession was not only delicious but healthier? Lebby dry-roasted chickpeas are packed with protein, fiber, and – most of all – flavor. Dry roasted – that means no oil, no salt, no additives – no exceptions. It’s a recipe that’s been around for ages, but we bet you’ve never tasted anything like it.

Dry Roasted Chickpeas, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Powder, Beet Sugar, Soy Lecithin, Vanilla Extract, Acacia Tree Gum, Vegan Glaze


I'm obsessed!

I am allergic to everything - long story, but I can't eat any added sugar, dairy, gluten, or most preservatives. But, I also can't live without chocolate! I'm always on the lookout for something I can actually eat that involves chocolate. If it s healthy, that is even better (I'm generally a bit of a health nut). I saw these and knew I had to try them. I had never tried beet sugar before, but I love chocolate and chickpeas, and I could actually eat this, so I gave it a try. I am now officially obsessed. They are SO good. The dark chocolate are vegan-friendly. The milk chocolate do have dairy, so be aware of that. And, if you need to keep on the low side of the glycemic index, these will work for you! These are a new must have in the cupboard for me!



I purchased these snacks last year at a wawa across from my college. They got me through the class as a sweet treat I didn't feel guilty about! After I graduated and the pandemic hit I stopped going to that wawa and one day was craving these snacks! Price wise I think its the same, about $2 or less for one bag which is perfect for a sweet treat while living a healthy lifestyle. Now I am stocked up for when the chocolate craving hits! If your on the fence about brands, I have only tried this specific brand, and I love that they are vegan as well so I don't have to worry about any dairy sneaking in there. Truly a perfect sweet treat!


Best unknown snack found!

I picked up a small pack from a local Walmart, fell in love with them and haven’t found them since... I’ve went back to that Walmart and a few local stores to see if they could get more in but still haven’t heard anything after weeks of trying. So I reverted back to Amazon and low and behold here they are!!!! I loved these as an alternative snack that’s tasteful and fulfilling! I hope these never go away, and that I hope to see them in local stores! I do tent to like to open the pack and eat them the next day adds a little crunch to the bite!


Awesome treat!

I tried these at the recommendation of my nutritionist and she was right...perfect treat when you want Chocolate but dont want to derail your diet!

Zara's mama

Yummy,yummy,and delicious too!

Ok, maybe $30.00 is a bit much for snacks, however, with that said these are sooo much better for you than chips or cookies or candy. I purchased the dark chocolate and both my husband and I LOVE THEM. I am definitely going to buy again!



they’re a little weird for the first few bites and then you fall in love. i have both the dark chocolate and the honey sesame—they’re both great (but maybe i like the dark chocolate a tiny bit more). an excellent and healthier choice, particularly if you’re vegan or gluten free.


Switching up my snacks

These are good. They are something different. Crunchy and a little sweet. It’s nice that they taste good and are not too sweet although I wish it hade less sugar content from the amount that’s in there. Nonetheless a good vegan gluten free snack to mix things up. Recomend overall.


Tasty little snack.

I have allergies to grains, etc. and this is a nice alternative.

Lynn Mary Gonzalez

Healthy Pleasure !

My new favorite snack. The dark chocolate flavor is decadent ! The perfectly light crunch reminds me of tiny malts balls. Somehow knowing they are chick peas with protein make it my healthy pleasure!

Wanda McIntosh

A sweet satisfying healthy treat!

My daughter absolutely loves these. They are a sweet treat but in a healthier way. She describes them like a malted milk ball...with a little bit of a crunch.


Delicious and real food

Perfect portion and a good yummy snack you will look forward to eating



Love it! It’s enough sweet!
Perfect healthy snack!

Amazon Customer


They taste just like whoopers candy! Super yummy! I will be taking them to the movies so I don’t have to buy candy!

Jules Shepard

Dark Chocolate - Vegan and Gluten Free snacks

My daughter loves the dark chocolate version because she cannot have dairy. We discovered these at Expo East and ordered them soon thereafter.


Favorite snack ever

My favorite snack ever! The perfect amount of chocolate. The perfect crunch. Even my kids like it! Which is both good AND bad!! And it fits my healthy eating lifestyle!

Barbara Weiser

Great Product

I love this snack. The chickpeas are crunchy and the dark chocolate is sublime. I will continue to order these.