You've got questions, we've got chickpeas
...and answers.

Hey what’s a chickpea, anyway?

The chickpea is a legume. Maybe you’ve also heard them called garbanzo beans?

The seeds (that’s the part we snack on) are high in protein and fiber, making them one of the healthiest snacks in the world.

Aren’t chickpeas the same stuff found in hummus?

Yes! But instead of being ground down into a paste for hummus, our chickpeas are roasted whole, three times, then flavored up to tasty perfection. (Want to learn more about how we make the magic happen? Click here!)

Why is Lebby more tender than other chickpea snacks?

Lebby chickpeas have a tender homespun texture everyone’s raving about because we use the most natural preparation process out there: fire, water, and air.

Lebby chickpeas are dry roasted - that means no oil, no salt, no additives - no exceptions. Our classic recipe has been around in the Mediterranean for 500 years, and we’re sticking to it!

(Want to learn more about how we make the magic happen? Click here!)

Is Lebby vegan?

Our Dark Chocolate flavor is vegan.
Milk Chocolate and Mocha contain milk powder and Sesame Honey contains honey and therefore they are not vegan.

Is Lebby Non-GMO?

Lebby Dark Chocolate is non-GMO certified by the NON GMO Project. Learn more at http://www.nongmoproject.org/

Is Lebby soy-free?

Sesame is soy-free but are produced in a facility where soy is present.
Dark Chocolate, Mocha and Milk Chocolate contain Soy Lecithin.

Is Lebby tree nut free?

Lebby Snacks are tree nut free but are produced in a facility where tree nuts are present.

What’s the best way to store Lebby?

Lebby is best stored in 60F - 75F degrees in a dry space.

Where can I find Lebby Snacks?

Grab ‘em up in person at any of our retail locations.
Or order online.

I’m interested in selling Lebby in my store.

Please e-mail us at sales@lebbysnacks.com

I’m interested in working for Lebby.

Please e-mail us at jobs@lebbysnacks.com

I have a media or marketing inquiry.

We’re ready for our close-up! Please e-mail us at hello@lebbysnacks.com

Where can I find your shipping policy?

Our shipping policy can be found here.

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